dog bite law

San Francisco dog bite attorneysCalifornia dog bite law falls under the doctrine of strict liability, meaning that an owner does not have to be negligent or have prior knowledge of a dog’s aggressiveness to be held liable for injuries sustained as a result of their dog’s actions. California dog bite law was put into effect to allow those people injured by a dog a form of remedy under the law. These laws came into effect due to an increasing number of people being affected by injuries sustained as a result of aggression from a dog. Dog bite attorneys can be of great assistance to a person or family that has been victimized by the aggression of a dog.

California dog bite law applies to all dog owners, not just pet owners whose dogs have bitten prior or owners that are irresponsible in the handling of their pet. This liability applies when the person is injured while in a public place, including the property of the owner, or when the person is lawfully on the private property of the owner performing a service duty such as a person who reads electric meters. Statistics show that approximately 75% of the time, the victim of the bite is someone known to the dog such as a family member or neighbor. Experienced dog bite attorneys know that the burden of liability falls unequivocally on the dog owner. However, the doctrine of strict liability with regard to dog bites does not apply to dogs used in military service or in police work.

As long as the dog is engaged in this type of work when the bite occurs, the owner or handler is immune from liability.

Dog bite injuries can have a wide range of severity. The bite can be minor, not even puncturing the skin to quite severe. It is not uncommon for dog bite injuries to include abrasions, lacerations, fractured bones, crush injuries, tissue damage and loss, sprain or strain injuries, scars and even exposure to serious infections such as rabies. In the most extreme cases death can even result from a particularly brutal attack. People who sustain dog bite injuries are subject to potential hospital procedures and rehabilitation, mounting medical bills, lost wages, and permanent disfigurement and disability to name a few.

California dog bite law has little tolerance for aggression in dogs, regardless of the dog’s prior behaviors or the conduct of the owner. Experienced and competent dog bite attorneys can help a person or family whose lives have been affected by an aggressive dog.


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