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§ October 13th, 2014 § Filed under Legal Comments Off on CRIMINAL DEFENSE

Criminal defense laws vary from one area to another. They help to regulate the social aspect of a community by ensuring that everyone’s safety is not endangered in any way. Criminal defense laws also ensure that one is given a fair trial because they have a right to one.

When it comes to criminal defense, employing the services of a firm that is well acquainted with the laws of a specific area is of importance. Chung, Malhas and Mantel, PLLC is a law firm that is situated in Seattle, Washington that offers services in Washington as well as internationally.

They represent their clients in cases that pertain to matters of criminal defense and pride themselves by offering the best services by keeping abreast with all developments of legal matters. They have a competent attorney who ensures that they attend to the cases of their clients diligently so as to ensure a positive outcome. For more information about them, visit their website,